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Version 3.3 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 3.3, Adashi’s latest software update.  Your active maintenance contract entitles you to this version and future maintenance releases/versions at no additional cost

Download Installation Instructions (PDF)

Version 3.3 Highlights

Premium Navteq GIS updates – These updates have become quite large and are being distributed on a USB drive annually.

ADASHI Program updates

  1. Routing – Routing has been significantly improved. Three additional features:

i.      Alternate route calculation and selection

ii.      Configurable routing modes: If a vehicle is too heavy to cross specific bridges or roadways the program will automatically route appropriately. The routing algorithm can be set to route using different rules when sirens are on (associated with specific status) versus returning to quarters. These are only two of the many variations that can be utilized.

iii.      Routing map layout is now customizable

Click for info – Clicking or hovering anywhere on the map will produce a window of useful geographic information

  1. Map speed improvements
  2. GPS acquisition improvements including automated configuration
  3. Utilizes ESRI map engine 10.2.X
  4. Map panning improvements (panning operates similar to google maps)
  5. Touch screen usability – significant improves the program’s usability within a  multi-touch environment
  6. Enhanced Aerial and Web Map Views – click on any map location and display a variety of user selected web-derived {Bing, Google Street View} images
  7. Day/Night Map Views
  8. All new multi-search windows – simultaneously search for multiple addresses and points of interest
  9. Dispatch form user interface improvements
  10. AVL playback (Command Post only) – review variable speed playback vehicle positions at any time in the past
  11. Resource Browser (Command Post only) – locate and get complete information about any vehicle
  12. Fleet Management (Command Post only) – modify configuration centrally for individual units or entire fleet and provide remote diagnostic tools and information through an easy to use interface
  13. Command and Control (Command Post only) – Organizational chart population and resource assignment can now be “controlled” and “released” by commanders. In addition command and control will now always operate even without an internet connection.
  14. Enhanced CAD Incidents Browser (Command Post only – Incidents highlighted by the control can be filtered by special “flags” custom selected by customer
  15. ADASHI Server Full Clustering and Failover (Enterprise Level Service Agreements only)
  16. Various bug fixes, UI improvements and minor feature additions