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Fire department scheduling made simple.

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drilling down on the features

  • Get real time views of staffing
  • Extensive labor and management reports
  • Minimize compliance risk
  • Control labor costs
  • Track employee certifications and qualifications
  • Supports union or business rules for various
    departments and groups
  • Real time views of staffing for each battalion/dept
  • Ensure daily staffing and assignments are completed in a timely and effective manner
  • Automatically assigns overtime positions based on rules, reducing risk of noncompliance
  • Automatically validates scheduling decisions
  • Identify and avoid understaffing or overstaffing
  • Approve requests for vacation, sick days or trades
  • Create daily roster for export to RMS and payroll
  • Self-serve access via web or apps
  • Sign up for voluntary overtime
  • Notifications of overtime shifts via iOS
    and Android apps
  • Conduct shift trades via web or apps
  • Access to personal history and real time activity
    and accrual information

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