ADASHI combines decision-support technology developed by the U.S. Army with expertise from major fire departments and hazmat teams. Our decision support tools function in the most extreme circumstances, including no available internet, to give you full functionality to manage the emergency at hand.


Communications within the ADASHI system program are private and secure. Encrypted and authenticated infrastructure ensures security of information. ADASHI Systems can also implement a higher level solution to comply with standards appropriate for military and government operations. 

Dispatcher using incident command software

Client Satisfaction

We start off with an exceptional product. Our software is complex, so that your job can be simplified. The systems are thoroughly tested, and our team is dedicated to providing a flawless customer support.

Automated Error Submission – Although each version of ADASHI software is thoroughly field tested before deployment, the possibility that a hardware crash or a software bug can cause the program to cease to operate exists (though incredibly rare). ADASHI software includes a ‘watcher’ application that will automatically notify the ADASHI software team if the program encounters an error or 'hangs'.

Feedback From The Field – Software programs are only as good as the inputs. We know that incorrect address resolution, unwanted pop-up messages and operational inconsistencies can cause users to give up on software.  ADASHI provides a feedback mechanism that allows users at any time to select prior operations and designate them as faulty with whatever associated comments they are willing to provide. The software instantly sends the feedback and internal log files directly to the ADASHI software team and local IT manager for proper attention. What is particularly unique to the emergency response world, is that field personnel can correct national and local map errors ensuring an improved process for all.