Many incidents start simple, then become complex. When lives are in the balance and responders’ first instincts are to respond, there may not be enough time and resources to properly develop an Incident Action Plan (IAP). From the moment the incident begins, ADASHI software auto-generates and populates your IAP so you can control and manage with a unified command and response. Unique tools such as electronic huddle diagramming both initiate the IAP process and improve efficiency.

AVL command software integration

Team Deployment with AVL, navigation and secure 2-way communications.

Situation awareness in incident command software

Situation Awareness with Preplans, all-hazards guidance, checklists, and aerial dispersion modeling based on ALOHA/CAMEO real-time weather integration.

Incident command and control software

Command and Control with drag and drop resource and personnel management, complete communications over any network, and auto-logging and reporting, based on NIMS.

Brilliant Interface

  • Touchscreen multi-view mobile GIS;
  • Contextually available Preplans including streaming video;
  • Map annotation with automated visualization of hazards including hot/warm zones, isolation distances and evacuation areas;
  • NIMS compliant forms and procedures.

The ADASHI Solution

Using ADASHI software as part of the daily routine – including CAD communication, audible turn-by-turn routing, and position assignment check-in – seamlessly transforms your operations into a complete command and control system.

As soon as CAD dispatches first responders to an incident, the Incident Action Plan is initiated and immediately bolstered by critical pre-plans (auto-retrieved) including floor plans, site layouts, hazard repositories and real-time video. Developing the plan visually on a map with drag and drop ease automatically distributes the information throughout the fleet using standard NIMS protocols. All procedures are logged, timestamped, and available for after-action reports both internally and in a courtroom.