FDIC16 - This will be HUGE -

Adashi Systems will be unveiling our newest product at FDIC 2016.This will be Huge! Command & Control like never before.

Stop by and see Adashi C & C in action at booth 6010 at FDIC 2016 in Indianapolis.


Adashi Version 3.3 Released

The long awaited Version 3.3 is now available at no cost to customers with active support contracts.

More information on this  update can be found here:   Version 3.3 Update

Happy Holidays from Team Adashi

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy holidays.

Adashi selected for WA-COP Common Operating Picture project

Adashi  Systems will provide Command and Control software for the Washington Common Operating picture project.

Adashi software products along with other partner companies will provide a higher level of situational awareness and achieve a better common operating environment to improve safety and security for the people and ports of Puget Sound.

Visit www.wa-cop.org for more information.


Adashi Systems at AFAC 15, Adelaide, Australia

Adashi Systems attended the AFAC 15 trade show in Adeliade, Australia.

Over 2000 attendees from Australia, New Zealand and Asia attended the trade show.   

Our customer Fire Rescue, New South Wales displayed their new command and control truck running Adashi Command And Control Software.

FRNSW is one of the largest fire and rescue agencies in the world.   http://www.fire.nsw.gov.au/


Adashi Systems is safe and fully operational

Thank you for your concerns.  

We are safe, fully staffed and completely operational.  

All activities that made the news are happening far from our location.                                                  

Thank you to all the law enforcement and fire dept personnel that are helping to keep the City of Baltimore safe.

Successful FDIC Show

Thank you to all the customers that stopped by our booth at the FDIC trade show in Indianapolis.

We sucessfully launched the Adashi Notify product line.   Part of our Adashi one framework, Notify is designed for smartphones and tablets, it is a digitial notification and messaging system that plus responders to an incident from inception to termination.


Welcome to the New Adashi Systems

Adashi Systems announces the launch of a new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of the company’s brand.

2015 is an exciting year for Adashi Systems LLC. We are creating a new line of products that will revolutionize the public safety market.  Our new products will touch every responder and can be used from the start of on incident to the termination of the incident. 

Adashi logi

It was the perfect time to evaluate our company’s brand and logo to ensure it was in sync with who we are and where we are going. After careful consideration, we chose a new logo that represents our heritage and also defines the markets we serve.  The icon graphically depicts NFPA symbol and the four icons represent Fire, EMS, Police and Hazamt, the four markets we serve.  We are proud to announce the launch of a new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand.



ADASHI Hazmat Response Delivers CAD Enterprise Solution

The ADASHI System, excellent for hazmat, goes beyond technical response by providing a standalone or CAD integrated system to give responders exactly what they need cross-functionally and for mutual aid with other jurisdictions. Domestic Preparedness writes:

ADASHI First Response and Command Post, and XEROX’s FH Mobile Response software powered by ADASHI – provide emergency managers and first responders with the most critical tools for getting on scene faster, with the information necessary to perform at your peak.

“The key for us is to automate certain response processes,” says Alex Menkes, ADASHI CEO. “We’ve created software whose predictive capabilities shave minutes off response times.”

Read the complete article here.

ADASHI experiments with Google Glass prototype

Google GlassSite Layout possible for viewing with Google Glass

ADASHI Systems reveals Google Glass prototype at FDIC, the largest firefighter conference in the world. ADASHI is constantly reaching forward to supply the best technology for safety and tactical efficiency improvements.

Fire Engineering Magazine reports:

“ADASHI is focused on cutting-edge technology to support public safety,” said Alex Menkes, CEO. “Our software, already in wide use across the country, provides situational awareness and command and control tools to the people who save our lives every day.”

For the full story, click here.